A just transition for Pljevlja – one of the most polluted towns in Europe

Action for Social Justice

Opposing the construction of a new coal fired power plant.

Amount granted €8 770
Project period 2021–2022

The town of Pljevlja is in the north of Montenegro. The coal-fired plant, which has been there for almost four decades, is the largest pollutant, together with the Coal Mine. This is the dominant reason why Pljevlja is one of the most polluted towns in Europe.
The Government of Montenegro has recently given up the construction of the Second Block of the coal fired plant in Pljevlja. After that, the reconstruction of the existing the First block of the coal fired plant has been agreed. The aim is to adapt the operation of the existing unit of the coal-fired plant to the European standards, but not many details are known about the project. The Government of Montenegro earlier announced that, after the reconstruction, the existing Unit of the coal-fired plant in Pljevlja will operate till 2060. Montenegro is a candidate for the membership in the European Union and its announcement is contrary to the European policy that all the coal-fired plant in the European Union must be closed long before 2050. The issue of the climate change in Montenegro is quite abstract. People are not aware enough of its consequences and how it will influence their lives in the future. Pljevlja is not only a polluted town, but also, according to all the research, the diseases of respiratory organs increase, especially when it comes to children.
The existing First block of the coal-fired plant and Coal Mine provide the largest number of employment in Pljevlja andcitizens are frightened of losing their jobs in the future. However, the Government of Montenegro and the local authorities
do not run the issue of a just transition, which will help the citizens to provide new jobs. That issue is being “pushed underthe carpet”. People do not know enough what the just transition and moving to the green energy mean.