If we decide to give you a grant we will

tell you how much the grant is worth, usually within 2-4 weeks of the submission deadline

pay the first installment shortly thereafter

For small grants, the full amount will be payable in the first installment. For large grants (above € 10,000) the first installment will be 40% of the total grant, with an additional 40% payable after the submission of a midterm progress report and the final 20% after a full report and final accounts are submitted and approved.

Promoting your project

Promoting your project on our website can be beneficial for everyone. Inspire other applicants! Show them the good work you have done.

To see what kind of data we are looking for, check out our featured case studies.

Case studies

How to get in touch with us

Most of the communication about your application will be available on the UNIFOR website. If however you need to contact us directly, go to contact us.