Applications are submitted through the UNIFOR online portal. To submit an application you need to request access to the portal.

Before you start, check that

You are applying as an organisation (not as an individual)

Your project meets our objectives. Check the requirements for projects we will fund and carefully consider our funding strategy.

You have enough time: it may take time to register your organisation with the UNIFOR system we use for managing applications, and to create and submit your application to meet one of our funding application deadlines. After the submission deadline it will take us 2-4 weeks to make a decision.

If you are applying for a grant over €10,000 you will need to go through a two-stage application process: First a short pitch, before the board may invite a full application.

Small grants: a single pitch

Applications for up to €10,000 need a single application summarising what you want to do. If we like it we’ll give you the money. After you have registered with UNIFOR you will complete a single online form to tell us about your organisation and the project. The form will ask for information about


When the project will happen

The amount you want from us

What the project will do

The impact you hope it will have

The project budget

Where you want us to pay the money (your bank account details)

You may upload letters of support if you wish.

The application is on the UNIFOR website:

Small grants application

Larger grants: a two-stage process

Applications for more than €10,000 (typically from €20,000 to €200,000) are in two parts:

You first submit a short pitch for the board to review.

If we accept the short pitch, you will be invited to submit a full application for the next submission deadline.

The full application must include a budget, a full project description with timeline and deliverables, description of key personnel, letters of recommendation, etc. A full list of required content will be provided in the invitation.

Submit your pitch

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