We Support

In light of MFMC's Full Funding Strategy, the Board will review all applications against the following questions:

  • Describe the systemic change you are seeking to create
  • Why are you the right group or organisation to achieve this change?
  • Why is your project needed at this exact moment?

The Minor Foundation supports European-based organisations and communication projects that:

Lead to changes in policies or practises in public or private institutions in line with pathways for 1,5C

Increase knowledge and implementation of needed policies and technologies

Reduce new build out or use of fossil fuels

Increase the uptake and use of carbon-free solutions

Create positive mobilisation for the actions and policies needed to keep global warming within the pathway of 1,5C

Increase the number of voices and narratives in climate advocacy

We do not support

Organisations or projects with a commercial purpose

Organisations that are registered outside Europe


Climate adaptation projects

General climate information campaigns or projects

Projects with a purely local focus or community-level projects

The foundation does not support projects directed towards individual behaviour change unless this is part of a clear strategy for larger, structural, political change

We only support applications from organisations, not individuals

The foundation may support costs for personnel and operations as part of a wider project application, but not in and of itself

Does your project fit the criteria?