Securing public support for the climate framework law

Protect Our Winters Schweiz

With actions aimed at central politicians and the Swiss outdoor community, we believe that we employ the right tools to foster support for the most important climate bill in recent years in Switzerland.

Amount granted €10 000
Project period 2022–2023

n Summer 2021 the revised CO2 law was rejected with a margin of 1,6% by the Swiss electorate. Our campaign «Vote Now. Ride Later.» which had supplemented the national campaign, was highly successful and resonated far beyond our
target group. We succeeded in communicating a complex bill in an easy understandable, positive and emotional way while maintaining the image and identity that differentiates us in the climate movement. While government put together a new draft CO2 law, the parliamentary «Environment Commission» drafted the «Climate
Framework Law (CFL)». The CFL is an indirect counter-proposal to the «Glacier Initiative» which demands net zero and aban of fossil fuels by 2050. The popular vote on the CFL is expected for Summer 2023, the official campaign starts in
March. The CFL is in parliament now and although its ambition is in-line with our commitment under Paris, it is heavily attacked by center and right-wing parliamentarians aiming to weaken the current proposal. With our pre-campaign we target those policy-makers and identify key elements of the law that might contribute to them shifting their position. As these policy-makers have an important role in their respective caucuses, they may influence their party’s final stance. To reinforce popular support and increase understanding of the law in the outdoor community, we roll out a communications offensive. We translate the complex bill into simple messages and focus on its environmental ande conomic benefits. By doing so, we make the draft law tangible and make our audience feel emotionally involved. We align our brand partners and athlete ambassadors and use their communication channels to reach our audience – the Swiss outdoor community. With actions aimed at these two target groups, we believe that we employ the right tools to foster support for the most important climate bill in recent years.