The Climate at the door step

Skifte för Sverige

Influencing the general elections in September 2022 in a more climate-friendly direction.

Amount granted €10 000
Project period 2022–2022

On September 11th Sweden goes to the polls for local, regional and national elections. The margin between the progressive (center left-green) block with a somewhat decent climate policy and the fossil fuel dependent block (center right-far right) is very narrow. Sweden has a large voter turnout that is increasing. In the last national election 87.2% of eligible voters went to the polls which is very high for a country where voting is not mandatory. Newer studies seem to indicate that the climate minded block does not necessarily benefit generally if the general voting share increases. But persuasion is possible. The election will be decided on the issues or topics on the agenda. Climate is one where liberal minded voters could switch from the more right wing block to the center left. Today climate change and energy issues are the 6th and 5th most
important issues for the voters (1. Health care, 2. Law & order, 3. Education, 4.Migration).
We want to use our people-powered movement of thousands of Swedes to sway the election. They will hang up over 150000 door hangers informing the electorate about the parties' different climate policies. This could be the small nudge theissue of climate change needs to climb up in the agenda ranking. If we don’t get the election to be just a bit more about climate change then the block who wants to keep doing business as
usual will win. This would be a disaster for Sweden’s climate policy and leadership.